10,000 unique wiener dogs,
born on solana.
Long Ween Club is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated wiener dog NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Each ween is unique with its own set of traits, rarity and charm! Read on to learn more about the team, our project, and our long term vision.

Welcome to Long Ween Club! hotdog
Launching on:
To Be Announced
ween map
  • Launch official website, Discord & Twitter
  • Start marketing campaigns on various platforms
  • Launch website redesign & Weenmap
  • Announce our charity goals for the project
  • Give away a special branded 1:1 collab ween
25% adopted
  • Rarity website integration
    Full rarity viewable on the official website in an interactive format.
  • Exclusive HODLer perks unlocked!
    Verified long ween exclusive discord chat, website features & more!
50% adopted
  • We donate $100,000 to the Humane Society International
    All of us here at LWC have years of experience in fundraising for dog related organizations. This is incredibly important to us and with the sale of our weens, we want to help make a difference!
75% adopted
  • We design a line of limited edition merch exclusive to ween HODLers!
    We have some really exciting ideas for this already in the works that won’t disappoint!
100% adopted
  • We double our donation to the HSI to $200,000!
    You heard that right! Our initial donation amount will be doubled with even more plans for fundraising in the future!
  • Ween HODLer surprise airdrop!
    We airdrop a super special surprise to all ween HODLers for EACH ween held in their wallet. The Airdrop will be scheduled for a few weeks after mint so be sure to keep those weens in your wallet to avoid missing out!
The future
  • Long Ween Club physical vinyl toys
    We launch a collectible line of physical ween figures with exclusive rare versions available only to HODLers of weens!
  • Long Ween Club line of dog toys
    We design a line of high quality Long Ween Club branded dog toys with proceeds to charity!
  • Giveaways galore
    We will be hosting many giveaways for both NFTs and physical merch in the coming weeks and months and all will be exclusive to our ween HODLers!
  • Ween Fusion
    Don’t like your ween? Want a rarer ween? You’ll be able to fuse two weens for a chance to create a new ween! We have some really interesting ideas in the works for this that we will announce a bit later on!
This is only the beginning! The sky is the limit and all of us here at Long Ween Club are passionate and committed to making this into something big. After all, we really really love weens!
will you mint a legendary ween?
We will be randomly inserting 10 fully customized 1:1 unique weens into the mint, each hand drawn by our lead artist and with traits exclusive to that ween only. Some might just be dressed in some familiar outfits! Will you be the lucky one to mint a 1:1 unlike any other?

Each standard ween will have a random set of traits which will range from common to legendary rarity. A full list of all traits and rarity %s will be available on launch day. Each ween will also have a secret trait only to be revealed at minting!
Ultra Rare
Super Rare
ween team
King Ween
King Ween
East Coast, USA
Concept / Graphics
Wiener enthusiast.
tail -f
tail -f
East Coast, USA
Lead Developer
Code sourceror.
West Coast, USA
Lead Artist
Makes the weens all pretty.
Sir Weens
Sir Weens
Midwest, USA
Really draws your attention.
i eat poops.
Wen ween?
To be announced!
Where can I purchase a ween?
Minting will be done from our website. The direct minting URL will be shared on Discord and Twitter, 15 minutes prior to launch. This is to ensure scammers cannot copy our mint site as we’ve seen happen with other projects.
How much will 1 ween cost?
TBD–Due to the extreme volatility of SOL lately we will be announcing our mint price when we are closer to launch.
How many weens can I purchase? Is it limited?
You can purchase as many as you'd like but it will be limited to 1 per transaction.
How many weens are available for adoption?
10,000 Randomly generated weens.
Will I need to hard refresh the page before minting?
No, once the countdown timer ends the minting button will appear and you will be able to mint your weens.
Why do weens face left instead of right like most other NFTs?
Because they are stubborn like their real life counterparts and do whatever they want.
What can I do with my ween?
Stare at it, love it, keep it safe. We are planning some super fun surprises and upcoming plans for all ween HODLers so be sure to check out our weenmap!
Long Ween Club Discord