3,333 unique wiener dogs,
born on solana.
Welcome to the club
Long Ween Club is a collection of 3,333 randomly generated wiener dogs on the Solana blockchain. Each ween is unique with its own set of traits, rarity and personality! Read on to learn more about the project, the team and our long term vision.
Weenmap aka our roadmap
Preparing for launch
  • Launch Discord and Twitter
  • Launch official website
  • Announce charity goals for the project
  • First 1:1 collab ween giveaway (Solanalysis)
  • Announce launch day marketplaces
  • Launch website redesign with full roadmap
  • Launch major marketing campaign on various platforms
Holder perks unlocked
  • Ween Token airdrops
    Ween holders will receive a weekly airdrop of Ween Token from the airdrop wallet utilizing 25% of the supply.
  • Official merchandise
    We will release a line of official Long Ween Club merchandise starting with a line of premium apparel.
Wiener dog donations
  • Buy a ween, help a ween
    We will donate $25,000 to a dachshund related charity. As owners of real life weens, including rescues, this is very close to our hearts and all of us at LWC are committed to helping make a difference for this wonderful breed. We will vote as a community on which dachshund charities will receive the funds.
Ween airdrop unlocked
  • Verified ween holder airdrop
    We will airdrop a second fully unique NFT to all verified ween holders. For every ween you hold, you will receive one bonus NFT. The airdrop will have future utility as well, so be sure to keep those weens in your wallet to avoid missing out. What is the airdrop you ask? You’ll just have to wait and see!
Doubled donations
  • Weekly airdrops will be doubled!
    At 100% sold we will double the amount of Ween Token each holder will receive each week, utilizing 50% of the airdrops wallet supply. The remaining 50% will be reserved for future airdrop rewards and incentives as development progresses.

    Then we move on to phase 2!
Long Ween Club vinyl figures
Future Ween Plans
Gather your weens!
Announcing the next big Solana meme Token—$WEENS!

Have you always wished you were lucky enough to get in early on a hot new meme token? Here’s your chance!

Every holder of Long Ween Club NFTs will be eligible for a weekly airdrop of Ween Token based on the number of weens they hold. This will be distributed weekly over a 6 month period. This will incentivize people to hold their weens while also spreading out the distribution to prevent any major dips in the price of $WEENS.

Premium collectibles

At Long Ween Club we are all about high quality sausage and think our fans deserve no less than the best. We plan to create a line of premium Long Ween Club branded merch and collectibles, starting with a line of limited edition apparel.

After minting we will be offering a way to print your ween on either glass or canvas, ready to hang in your home.

We also have a line of premium vinyl figures in the works, as well as something for our furry companions—Long Ween Club branded dog toys!

The funds generated from merchandise sales will be split between a community wallet and a charity wallet, so everything we release will not only be rewarding our community but helping real weens as well!

Helping real weens in need

Dachshunds are known for their long sausage shape, but did you know it also often contributes to lifelong painful spine issues and Intervertebral Disc Disease? This is a painful and debilitating disease that often leads to older dachshunds needing special care and/or complex surgeries.

Because of this, many older dachshunds wind up in the care of rescue groups when their owners can no longer afford their care or have the means to take care of a special needs dog. This makes dachshunds one of the most expensive breeds to rescue.

At Long Ween Club we are passionate and committed to helping to make a difference in the lives of these wonderful little dogs. From our initial sale of NFTs to future collectibles, everything we sell will always have a charity component.

Every ween earns you rewards

For every verified ween in your wallet, you will receive an airdrop of $WEENS, distributed weekly over time.

NFT Airdrop
For every verified ween in your wallet, you will receive a bonus NFT for free. This will be distributed a few weeks after launch. What will it be? You’ll just have to wait and see!

We will be implementing staking to earn even more $WEENS along with rewards available in exchange for $WEENS that will have utility with Long Ween NFTs.

We will also be holding regular giveaways for prize packs, 1:1s, and all sorts of goodies available only to our loyal holders!

Meet the team
King Ween
King Ween
East Coast, USA
Concept / Graphics
Wiener enthusiast.
tail -f
tail -f
East Coast, USA
Lead Developer
Code sourceror.
West Coast, USA
Lead Artist
Makes the weens all pretty.
Sir Weens
Sir Weens
Midwest, USA
Really draws your attention.
Wen ween?
December 8th, 6pm EST (11PM UTC)
Where can I purchase a ween?
You will be able to mint directly from our website come launch day.
How much will 1 ween cost?
Each ween will cost 0.75 SOL.
How many weens can I purchase? Is it limited?
You can purchase as many as you'd like but it will be limited to 1 per transaction.
How many weens are available for adoption?
3,333 Randomly generated weens.
Will I need to hard refresh the page before minting?
No, once the countdown timer ends the minting button will appear and you will be able to mint your weens.
If I hold more than one ween will I receive more $WEENS?
Yes! Each ween in your wallet will earn you $WEENS. If you have 2, your weekly $WEENS will be doubled, 3 will be tripled and so on.
Why do weens face left instead of right like most other NFTs?
Because they are stubborn like their real life counterparts and do whatever they want.
Long Ween Club Discord